Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Home to the Sunshine Coast

We left home on our way to the Bushtracker factory at Kunda Park on the Sunshine Coast.
We spent the night camped at Yelgum rest area 50 kilometres north of Ballina in northern NSW. It's in Camps6(9).

Wednesday 28th:
We had a relatively short although busy drive negotiating the traffic along the Pacific Highway and Gateway bridge to Forest Glen where we stayed the night before leaving the van at the factory on Thursday 29th for some TLC. Apart from having the van serviced we are also having some extras fitted and an update for our satellite system. We have decided to install two 12 volt Sirocco fans and to swap our current satellite decoder for a VAST unit.

This is our second factory visit since we purchased the van in December 2008. The service you get at Bushtracker is without doubt the best possible and I would imagine you would be hard pressed to get better service any where. That is why we always come back to the factory for servicing and any extra work that we want carried out.
We dropped the van off at the factory 07:00 and then went for breakfeast and spent the rest of the day doing the touristy things around Mooloolaba before pickup at 16:00. We spent the night camped at Cruice Park which is situated 20 odd kilometres east of Kilcoy. Camps6(512)