Monday, April 18, 2016

Our new Bushtracker

In October 2015 we placed an order on a 20' Bushtracker.
Mid March 2016, and we were once again at the factory at Kunda Park to finalise our plans and lock in our options, before the start of construction.

 We always thought we would remain with the timber interior, but after looking at the new colour choices up close and personal, we have now decided to go with these. 

All eight vans we viewed at the factory were finished in the new interior colours.

IOHO the colours we have chosen will not date over time and best of all Ros can use vibrant colours throughout the van to complement these. 

Our leather colour is Storm:

Curtains are Steel:

Benchtops and splashbacks in the kitchen and ensuite are White Tigris:

All the doors and drawers are Basalt:

All bulkheads are coloured Platinum Micro:

The vinyl flooring is Urban Dark Grey:

So overall our colours will be close to those in this photo:

The only major hassle is having to wait for delivery day, until our van rolls off the production line. All up it will have been a nine month wait, which has a lot to do with the vans popularity, its build quality, and like us so many Bushtracker owners who have come back and ordered a second van.

Apart from all the usual standard inclusions we have also decided to have some of these options installed.

A 300 a/h Lithium battery pack:

An Aussie Sizzler BBQ. These are made of stainless steel, have two separate burners and can be used as a BBQ, oven, or as a cooktop: 

We also like the look of the new external shower connection and have decided to have one of these:

Of course we love not having all the switches in plain view but hidden inside a cupboard:

Another favourite is the Crimsafe look alike door.

Individual USB charging ports either side of the bed:

Generator/jerry can storage along with wood rack. Our diesel heater tank will now be installed at the rear of the generator box giving us much easier access for filling:

Also having a Melenco TV aerial installed. 
These are omnidirectional with no need to rotate or raise and lower. They are 32 cm high:

We are also upgrading the tow capacity on our Landcruiser 200 Series. Lovells Suspension have just announced a tow upgrade from 3500 Kgs to 4000 Kgs. The only prerequisite is that the vehicle has already had its GVM upgraded to 3800 Kgs, and ours was upgraded prior to being registered.

Of course it doesn't mean we are going to load our new van to the max. It's more about peace of mind knowing that we will always remain well under our maximum load limits without impacting our insurance.