Friday, April 6, 2012

Latest and final additions

Tuesday 3rd April:
The following items were installed on the ute. A set of Airbag Man Firestone ride-rite air bags, an Engine Saver, a TM2 Engine Watchdog and a Thermoguard digital EGT Gauge (Pyrometer) kit.

The Engine Saver is a device which monitors the coolant level in an engine. Low coolant alarms are fitted to very few engines as standard equipment by manufactures. When the coolant level drops due to a split hose, a stone through the radiator, a faulty pump seal or simply because the radiator cap wasn't replaced properly this device is designed to help warn you before any engine damage is done. A screw in sensor replaces the nylon air bleed screw in the top radiator tank.

The TM-2 Engine Watchdog is an ideal aftermarket engine temperature gauge and audible overheating alarm, that will prevent premature and costly car engine replacement and engine rebuilds.

The ThermoGuard EGT Gauge (Exhaust Gas Temperature) provides a precise digital readout of EGT and includes, as standard, the facility to record and display the maximum temperature measured.

Wednesday 4th April:
We have been looking at rear view camera's for the ute and to hook up the existing Axis CCD camera on the rear of the van. After looking at several options we decided on replacing the existing stereo/CD unit with a 7" Alpine high resolution LED WVGA display that is also iPod and iPhone compatible.

The last and final addition's will be the purchase of a flexible RAM mount that attaches to the bolt holding the seat in place and a RAM holder that the iPad fits onto. The iPad has all our Hema, Great Desert Tracks and Australian Topo maps installed giving us full moving map coverage where ever we are.