Friday, June 29, 2012

Clearview Towing Mirrors

We previously had a set of these mirrors on our Nissan Patrol and after hearing that the people at Clearview Towing Mirrors had just introduced a new set of mirrors for use on the Toyota Landcruiser 70-79 series we ordered a pair. 
When you hook up your caravan all you need to do is pull the mirror head outwards. The mirror extends outwards another 100mm so you are able see clearly down the side of the van. The mirrors are much bigger than the standard mirror, and they allow much clearer vision for safer towing. The mirrors are made robust for Australian conditions, and will not vibrate when traveling at highway speeds or being passed by road-trains.

On the Landcruiser 79 series the Clearview mirrors use the existing mirror holes but on the 76 series extra bottom holes need to be drilled.


  1. They are great mirrors Ross. I would be curious to see a close up photo of how they are attached to the door. Also, what's in that alloy box(es) behind the cab?

    1. Stephen,

      Have added another photo showing more detail. The alloy directly behind the cab are not boxes but in fact alloy stone guards for the front of the canopy.

    2. Thanks for that extra photo Ross. That is very clever.