Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Strathbogie to Home

Friday,Saturday,Sunday 21,22,23 October:
We were so impressed with the "Police Paddocks" that we returned for another 3 days. We used the clear creek water for washing and also to fill our tanks for showering.
We called into All Saints Winery where we sampled cheeses and wines purchasing a variety of items.
While there we had lunches in Rutherglen and on Sunday lunch at Vahalla Wines where we had wood fired pizzas with a bottle of cold Mascato overlooking the vineyard.
We also befriended Graham who has been coming to this area for twenty seven years and camping for up to four months at a time. 
Over this period he has become friendly with the landowner on the adjoining property who lets him collect yabbies from his dam which he uses for bait. One of  his secrets to catching Murray Cod is to use Aldi tasty block cheese.

Monday 24th October:
We were now on our way home. The morning turned out to be just beautiful but by 11 am we were driving into a severe head wind which made driving difficult so we cut short the days driving at midday and decided to camp at the caravan park at Junee. We had previously camped here nine years ago. We had lunch at the chocolate and licorice factory which is housed in an old flour mill and took away some of the goodies that they produce.
Tuesday 25th October:
We left Junee heading for Ponto Falls #1040 which is situated nineteen kilometres NW of Wellington. The camp site is right beside the Macquarie River. We had heard reports that there may be severe thunderstorms within the area and considering we would have to negotiate quite a steep track out the next morning I went to see about camping on higher ground but after nearly walking onto of a large brown snake we decided that the river flats were the place to be. We experienced thunder and lightning during the evening but no hint of rain.
Hows the serenity:
Wednesday 26th October:
We continued on through Gulgong, Cassilis, Merriwa and Denman before spending the night at Broke #206 which is situated in the Hunter Valley wine region west of Cessnock. The camps book describes the site as being next to the river but it's not possible to see it and after my effort yesterday with the snake I was not very interested in making my way through the scrub.
Thursday, Friday 27th & 28th October:
We spent our last two days camped at Booti Booti National Park which lies just sixteen kilometres south of Forster and is on the coast. We stayed at the " ruins campground" #107.
We had a lovely lunch at the "Dorsal" at Forster before our short drive home the next day.