Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thargomindah to Currawinya National Park

Saturday 8th October:
We left Thargomindah at 08:45 on our way to Carrawinya National Park. We arrived at the ranger base at 13:15 after a morning tea stop and several photos taken at the QLD/NSW border which also doubles as the "Dog Fence". The road surface was quite rough with hard based clay, corrugations and stony sections. Total of 221 kilometres.
We paid our camping fees and proceeded another thirty three kilometres passing the old Caiwarro homestead site.
We set up camp at the "Pump Hole" so named because this is where the pump was/is situated.
We spent a lovely night camped here having the whole place to ourselves.

Sunday 9th October:
We then drove south thirty three kilometres and camped at the Ourimperee waterhole. The "Pump Hole" site was more majestic with it's beautiful river red gums while Ourimperee had only scraggy gums lining the waterhole. We also expected there to be more bird life but then we were spoilt after camping at Noccundra waterhole.
The shearing shed at Ourimperee waterhole:
 We also drove the thirty four kilometre track out to the lakes. Lake Wyara (salt) at 3800 sq hectares and Numalla (fresh) at 3000 hectares are both important breeding and refuge sites for inland birds. That's if you can call pelicans inland birds because they were here in their thousands. While it was an easy 500 metre walk to the shore of Lake Numalla it was a different story with Lake Wyara. We gave up trying to walk the several kilometres to the shore to view the birds.
Lake Numalla:
Lake Wyara:

Monday 10th October:
We were now on our way to Bourke. After twenty three kilometres we arrived at the Hungerford Pub just several hundred metres north of the border and "Dingo Fence" We topped up our fuel and took some photos before crossing into NSW.

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