Monday, May 11, 2015

Latest addition

On Thursday 26th February we placed an order for a new Toyota 4WD. We require more creature comforts as we are getting older, and the 200 Series VX Twin Turbo V8 will certainly fit the bill. Its packed with so many creature comforts that our GXL single cab chassis could only dream about. 
The only downside is that we will no longer have a canopy to store items like our chain saw and generator, but I'm sure we will sort that out.
Build date was the 15th March and the vehicle arrived at the dealer from Japan on the 18th April. The dealer has fitted the weather shields, bonnet protector and tinted the two front windows to match the privacy glass on the remainder of the vehicle.
The past month and a half has seen us gathering information and making decisions regarding the after-market accessories we are having fitted. First cab off the rank before the vehicle was registered was a Lovell's GVM upgrade suspension kit. This upgrade increased the carrying capacity from 3300 to 3800 Kg's. This allows us to fit accessories like bull-bars, long range fuel tanks and drawer systems and still remain legal without affecting our insurance or cause any licensing issues.
 The Dunlop Grand-treks that are standard issue have been traded in, and replaced with Bridgestone Desert Dueler D697's. These tyres will provide better puncture resistance and off-road traction. 
Our local TJM outlet in Coffs Harbour has installed the suspension along with all the other accessories. Here are some before and after shots of the changes that have taken place over the past nine days.
These accessories include a bull-bar and steel side steps to replace the alloy ones that come standard with the vehicle:
 A 170 litre auxiliary fuel tank which replaces the 45 litre sub-tank giving us a total of  263 litres of diesel:
To fit the larger fuel tank we have relocated the tyre and placed it on a Kaymar rear bar:
The third row seats have been removed to fit a Black Widow draw system, a drop slide for our Engel fridge and a cargo barrier: 
Other external additions include Clearview towing mirrors and a Safari snorkel:
A Genie Legendex stainless steel exhaust system:
A Fuel Manager 30 micron pre-filter water separator/alarm to help reduce the chance of any contaminants reaching the final filter: 
The alarm for the fuel manager has been placed inside the glove-box to help keep the inside of the vehicle as clutter free as possible:
A Firestone air compressor and on-board air tank has been installed in the RHS area of the drawer system and a Redarc 450 watt pure sine wave inverter in the LHS:
Other additions include a GME TX3540S UHF radio and antenna with the control box hidden inside the dash, two recovery points, Redarc Tow Pro brake controller and wiring for connecting our van to the vehicle.
The current configuration of the standard 6.1" LED touchscreen in the 200 Series, only provides for the rear camera on the 4WD. We also have a camera on the rear of the van and the easiest way to connect this was by purchasing a Hema HN7. Apart from the AV IN connection for the vans camera this device comes complete with the full range of the Hema digital map collection. Its also loaded with the latest addition of the Camps 8 book and associated camp photos, Australia wide caravan parks and a listing of dump points. 
The original batteries have been replaced with a 750cca start battery, a marine deep cycle battery with an Redarc BCDC 1240 battery charger and associated wiring for connections in the rear of the 4WD along with wiring for connecting the van.
We now have a very capable touring 4WD that will tow our van with ease and carry us in comfort. Oh and bye the way did I mention just how fabulous this vehicle is to drive.